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Incoming Students and Staff

Turkey is famous all around the world for the hospitability of its citizens and for the value given to those willing to discover the amazing Turkish Culture.

Our Erasmus+ Policy supports this idea and that is why the International Relations Office of Fırat University provides all the help necessary to ease and make as pleasant as possible the period that our Foreign Students and Staff will spend in Elazığ.

The International Relations Office offers free accommodation to the first 20 Erasmus+ students applying for a mobility at Fırat University. This initiative is stipulated in the Bilateral Agreements between our institution and our partners. The same support is provided to the Staff of partner institutions, in conditions that have to be discusses privately. 

At the moment 3 Erasmus+ flats belong to the International Relations Office and many projects related to them are on-going at the moment. Below, by following the link, you will be able to see the Photo Gallery:

Accommodation - Photo Gallery

30.11.2021 11:04

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