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Required documents

Dear Future Erasmus+ Students,


Welcome to Fırat University’s website. If you are reading this, it means you are interested in an Erasmus+ Mobility within our institution. But before giving you more details about the procedures that need to be followed and accomplished, make sure you check the following links, to discover amazing facts or tips about this programme and its origins.


Do you want to be Erasmus+ Student at Fırat University? Great! Then you have two options: either you will have a Learning Mobility or you will chose a Placement.

Now let us give you more information about this.

For a Learning Mobility you have certain things to complete before applying


Let’s take them step-by-step

  • Check on our website if we have a Bilateral Agreement with your university. This agreement is compulsory for this kind of Mobility. If we do not have one, please ask your International Office to contact us. We are always open for new collaborations!

  • If we already have an agreement, than everything just became easier. The next step is to communicate to your university representatives the choice you have made and kindly remind them that they should nominate you for a semester or full-year as Erasmus+ Student in our university.

  • Then, our office will contact you and will provide you all the support you need to find the correct list of available courses, for each department. After this, together with your coordinator from the home university, you will prepare your Learning Agreement and after all the necessary approvals and signatures you will send the document to us (scanned version).

  • The document should be accepted by your future coordinator at Firat University.

  • Congratulations! After the completion of the last step you will be able to receive your Acceptance Letter.

The adventure is about to start, but you have few more things to solve prior to your arrival or in the shortest time after it. You should accomplish all the necessary procedures related to Insurance, Visa and Permit of Residence.

  • Visa: Please contact the Turkish Embassy in your country and ask them about the steps you have to follow in order to obtain your Visa. Mind the fact that Turkey has some special political agreements and for some countries no Visa is requested.

  • When it comes about Insurance, students need to make sure that the Medical Insurance purchased in their country is valid in Turkey. The students are asked to purchase a Health Insurance after arriving in Turkey as well. The average cost of the Health Insurance is 30 €.

  • Just after your arrival we’ll have to apply for your Permit of Residence which is the equivalent of your Identity Card in Turkey. With this document you will be able to travel and to get out of Turkey without any  problem. In order to obtain it, you should make an online application, to make 5 photos of you on a white background, to submit a document proving that you will receive a monthly grant (translation into Turkish language required) and you will have to pay a fee of 90 TL for your Residence Card and another fee for Visa procedures depending on the country you are coming from.

The procedures for the Permit of Residence will be started after your arrival. As we provide free accommodation to the first 20 students applying, we will provide a document concerning your address here. You’ll need a Student Card and Number.

To summarize:

Bilateral Agreement

Nomination from your university

Learning Agreement



Monthly grant document



For a Placement Mobility, the procedures are simpler

  • First step is to communicate to your university representatives the choice you have made and kindly remind them to nominate you on following email addresses: and . We will contact the department coordinator and ask for his/her approval on your mobility.

  • After he/she confirms your mobility, you should prepare a Training Mobility programme which needs to be signed by you, your home university and final by Firat University. Please remind that for such mobility, no Bilateral Agreement is required.

  • Soon after the completion of this step you will receive your Acceptance Letter.

We look forward to welcome you in Elazığ, Fırat University!


30.11.2021 11:18

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