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Turkey is famous all around the world for the hospitability of its citizens and for the value given to those willing to discover the amazing Turkish Culture.

Our Erasmus+ Policy supports this idea and that is why the International Relations Office of Fırat University provides all the help necessary to ease and make as pleasant as possible the period that our Foreign Students and Staff will spend in Elazığ.

The International Relations Office offers free accommodation to the first 20 Erasmus+ students applying for a mobility at Fırat University. This initiative is stipulated  in the Bilateral Agreements between our institution and our partners. The same support is provided to the Staff of partner institutions, in conditions that have to be  discussed privately. 

At the moment 3 Erasmus+ flats belong to the International Relations Office and many projects related to them are on-going at the moment. Below, by following the link, you will be able to see the Photo Gallery:

Accommodation - Photo Gallery

1) Each student pays 100 Euro deposit that he/she will take back if every equipment and furniture will be in good condition before he/she leaves. Moreover the student will be asked to pay 15€ at the end of his/her mobility. The sum (15€) required is for the next incoming bills and cleaning.

2) Since the flats are separate for boys and girls, each student has to stay in the assigned flat.

3) Since the flats are in the same apartment with families, it is compulsory to pay attention to not disturb the neighbours.

4) Loud music and noisy parties are prohibited.

5) Quiet hours are in effect from 22:00 to 09:00.

6) Smoking, including electronic cigarettes is not permitted in any of the flats provided. You may smoke outside your residence.

7) Pets/animals are not to be kept on the premises or in any part of the flats and shouldn’t feed pets/animals inside apartment.

8) If the students have guests, they should inform International Relations Office in advance.

9) All students are required to treat the possessions, property and space of others with respect.

10) Facilities in flats are provided for the use of those students living there. Use of the communal facilities must be with the permission of all residents.

11) Students are to ensure that their belongings are stored in their own area and the accommodation is not cluttered with their items that would prevent staff from carrying out their normal duties.

12) Office representatives have the right to come every Friday at the apartment for the purpose of inspection of the property.

13) Students are required to notify the Erasmus+ Office if they intend to be away from the city for more than two days during their mobility period. 

14) The students that will not respect these rules will have to leave the flats and they will be guided for other accommodation options.

15) At check-out the property is to be delivered with a similar level of cleanliness, as it was handed to the student at his/her arrival.

• Do not leave garbage in the flat;
• There aren’t leftovers in the fridge, oven etc.
• Dishes, pans and pots should be washed;
• Every piece of furniture and equipment should be in their original place.
Should the student fail to do the above mentioned points, we will have to charge an additional cleaning fee. 

16) Departure: Please leave the keys on the table in kitchen and close the door behind you after making sure that you have all your personal belongings with you.

17) The student has to respect the general security regulations of the university.

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